Introducing THE



Sea Island is a modern heel toe weighted mid mallet design – related to our loved Palm Beach model.

Larger in size and paired with a new flow neck hosel, Sea Island rests perfectly behind the golf ball. The new hosel has one half shaft of offset and virtually melts into the top line.

As with every Small Batch design, the subtle nuance of every blend, curve and radius was obsessed over. The result is one of the most beautiful putters we have ever created.

The top line features a simple sight dot that is framed by the straight lines of the center flange and cavity milling. This combination allows for easy alignment and a very clean aesthetic.

The shoulders and bumpers were inspired by our Austin and Madison blades and blend seamlessly into the flange all the way to the back of the flange. The result is a modern yet timeless ear shaped mid mallet design. Looking closer at the shoulders you’ll notice the intricacies of the milling over the surfaces.

When designing the sole we used aircraft 6061 Aluminum to create a sole plate. This material machines beautifully, and it also removes a substantial amount of weight from the center of the head - improving performance. The sole plate is then anodized black and engraved with our whimsical Sea Island inspired sea turtle pattern. The finishing touch is the Sea Island logo engraving over a clean brushed satin finish.

Bringing the design together we used a coastal green and white paint fill theme and our stunning Midnight Blue PVD finish.

The body is milled from our 904L stainless steel giving this design an incredible look, sound and feel.​

It was an honor to work with Sea Island to bring our latest Small Batch creation to life. Elegant, beautiful, and timeless -- just like Sea Island itself.


  • Material – 904L Stainless Steel body, 6061 Aluminum sole plate
  • Face Mill – Super Fine Double Fly Cut with Big Tuna Overmill
  • Finish – Midnight Blue PVD
  • Grip – Toulon Special Coastal Green Deep Etched
  • Shaft – Black Steel
  • Headcover – Small Batch Leather
  • Head Weight – 355g
  • Toe Hang – 45°
  • Loft – 3°