Introducing THE



Vista is a classic heel toe weighted blade related to both our own San Diego and Santa Monica. Yet the closer one looks, the more one will see the differences in this important design.

The top line, which features a simple sight dot, is flatter in the center with slightly more beveled edges. This gives the putter a bit more crispness with a thinner top line aesthetic. The shoulders are completely redesigned in shape with a slightly concave shape that beautifully accentuates the milling that adorns the top.

The bumpers have also undergone a total redesign, angled more upward from the cavity to the heel and toe. Looking more closely, you’ll notice that the angles are in symmetry with the tri-sole design.

The tri-sole leaves a center section with a very slight radius and allows Vista to sole perfectly.

The sole itself is finished with a simple yet clean brushed satin finish and minimalistic artwork that proclaims the year of our founding, 2015. Our design ethos is on full display - less done right is always more.  

Complemented with a nostalgic sage green and cream paint fill and our stunning Milk Chocolate PVD finish, Vista is a timeless classic and our version of one of the winningest designs of all-time.

Machined from our magnificent 904L stainless steel - this putter looks, sounds, and feels incredible. Designed with direct input from one of the hottest players on Tour, Vista weighs in at a very contemporary 345 grams.

Sean Toulon moved to Vista, California in 1990 and later founded Zevo Golf and Toulon Design, both in Vista and went on to design some of the most iconic golf clubs of all-time for industry heavyweights TaylorMade and Callaway from 1999-2022, all while living in Vista. 

The all-new Toulon Small Batch Vista. A timeless beauty.


  • Material – 904L Stainless Steel
  • Face Mill – BB Mid Depth  
  • Finish – Milk Chocolate  PVD  
  • Grip – Toulon Special Sage Pistol Midsize   
  • Shaft – Chrome Steel   
  • Headcover – Small Batch Leather   
  • Head Weight – 345g  
  • Toe Hang – 45°    
  • Loft – 3°    
  • Lie – 70°