We are thrilled to introduce to you the latest Small Batch creation – The Valhalla.

In collaboration with the club, we aimed to capture the spirit of the great state of Kentucky – horse racing, bourbon and championship golf. With that in mind as our inspiration for the design we got underway.

The state is perhaps most famous for the Kentucky Derby and its equestrian culture so we wanted to make sure that spirit was alive in the design of the head. The opposing thoroughbreds on the sole are meant to recall past racing greats and the entry ways to some of the sprawling equestrian estates that dot the Kentucky landscape.


We developed a new finish specifically for this project and called it Kentucky Bourbon, an homage to the world-class bourbon and distilleries hailing from the state.

And of course we have the incredible venue and the club itself – Valhalla. The 2024 PGA Championship is the fourth time Valhalla has hosted the event and the venue also played host to the stirring 2008 Ryder Cup.

But Valhalla will always be remembered for one of the greatest moments in PGA history – the riveting 2000 playoff that gave birth to the famous chase and point putt on the first playoff hole.


Small Batch Valhalla takes inspiration from our tri-sole Santa Monica design and the winningest putter in championship history but then asks further questions. How could we protect the integrity of the timeless Santa Monica shape but improve its performance? And if we could improve its performance would it even be noticeable?

The answer was a resounding yes. To modernize its performance while protecting the timeless look and feel of Santa Monica we turned our focus to multi-material design. Utilizing our incredible 904L stainless steel for the body and 6061 aircraft aluminum for much of the sole, we were able to redefine the concept of performance in a blade shape.

The outcome for Small Batch Valhalla is a slightly oversized blade whose proportions are meticulously balanced to maintain the look and feel of the Santa Monica while increasing the putter’s inertia to create one of the most forgiving putters we have ever designed. Like Valhalla itself, we are constantly seeking improvement.

This iconic shape is also known for its hosel design – a classic L-neck that produces a full shaft offset. But we didn’t stop with just a simple hosel. We added just the right amount of length so it would stay in perfect proportion to the slightly longer and wider blade, resulting in a seamless design that maintains the beauty of the original design but brings with it a new level of performance. Countless hours were spent designing and many prototypes were produced to get it just right.

From the back view, you’ll also notice further inspiration from horse racing in the jockey silk diamonds on the hosel to the Churchill Downs inspired font used for the Toulon brandmark in the back cavity.


With a mission to improve forgiveness and performance in a blade putter, we milled a substantial cavity in the sole underneath the 6061 aircraft aluminum sole plate.

This enabled us to add a bit of length to the blade to improve inertia, but also removed precious grams of weight from the center of the design, allowing us to push more weight to the perimeter. The result is a striking look and world class performance in sound, feel and forgiveness. 

The decorative engravings of the horses and club logos are milled over our watermarked limestone pattern, a nod to the stone of the area that can be found on many of the holes – especially the signature 13th, pictured above..


Time was spent softening each radius while keeping the square tailored look of this shape. Soft yet crisp was the design intent, and every detail was meticulously addressed.

Particular attention was focused on the top line thickness and radius, giving it a thinner but balanced look. A simple sight dot finishes off the look at address.


The final nod to Kentucky’s equestrian roots is the headcover made with an alternating blue and white diamond pattern to resemble a jockey’s silk. We finished the headcover off with a cask to honor Kentucky’s passion for bourbon.


The Valhalla face is milled with a fine Double Fly cut with our Big Tuna over-mill yielding a crisp, responsive feel.

Once milling is completed, the head is beautifully hand-polished to its final shape.

Valhalla is finished in a brilliant Kentucky Bourbon PVD and accented with Kentucky Blue and cool gray paint fills.

We’ve paired the Brilliant Kentucky Bourbon head with a special Vintage Blue Toulon pistol grip design and our chrome stepless steel shaft.


  • Material – 904L Stainless Steel body, 6061 Aluminum Sole
  • Face Mill – Fine Double Fly Cut with Big Tuna
  • Finish – Kentucky Bourbon PVD
  • Grip – Custom Toulon Collection Vintage Blue   
  • Shaft – Chrome Stepless Steel   
  • Headcover – Valhalla Custom Leather   
  • Head Weight – 355g  
  • Toe Hang – 40°    
  • Loft – 3°    
  • Lie – 70°