Introducing THE

Small Batch Texas


Legends of the game of golf come from every corner of the globe -- The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and everywhere in between. But a unique concentration of greatness has emerged from a particular place in the United States: Texas. Beyond their accomplishments on the golf course, there are colorful characters, esteemed gentlemen and cutthroat competitors.

The theories as to why such a large concentration of talent
hails from Texas are long. Some had hard-luck upbringings, all were pitted against the most difficult competition and certainly all grew up in erratic and inconsistent weather patterns that fostered creativity and toughness. Mix it all together and you get a cauldron that undeniably produces golfing greatness.

With this release we aimed to honor some of these incredible players, paying tribute to them with our most important blade design and creating an individual icon for each of these six legends. We selected from a very long list and truly there are far more legendary Texans than there is space on the sole of a putter -- so let’s treat this as a start.

The Icons

Turning to the sole, you’ll first notice the six icons – honoring each one of our chosen legends. The Hawk, a Lord, an author, a prankster, a three-time winner of the green jacket, and another recently-departed
Masters winner, depicted by an oil derrick for a short stint in the fields before turning to professional golf, whose imprint on the game will be
forever felt.

The first icon on the sole is a hawk. Perhaps the most famous player from Texas, the man known as the Hawk is widely regarded as perhaps golf’s greatest ballstriker ever. He endured a difficult upbringing and persistent adversity throughout his legendary career. He is the consummate model of toughness and perseverance.

The second icon is a crown – a reference to an honorable man
affectionately known as ‘Lord.’ A frequent rival of the Hawk, he is perhaps best known as golf’s greatest gentleman. He represents respect, professionalism, courtesy and grace.

You’ll notice that only one icon is adorned with paint. The red book is very special to us -- not just for what is written, but for the simple fact that learning from those that have come before us is a core value of our company. The little red book is a reminder to us that every day is another opportunity to improve, learn and grow. This book and its author was also instrumental in the success of two other Texans who went on to win major championships.

The fourth icon reminds us that through it all, golf is supposed
to be fun. An effervescent personality, the snake represents the man who pulled the most famous prank in golf before the opening tee shot of the playoff to decide the 1971 US Open. A rubber snake had found its way into the bag of the eventual champion and it made a famous appearance just moments before balls were in the air. This snake is a reminder to seek joy and fun always.

The fifth icon represents the winner of three green jackets between 1940 and 1950. One of the most creative players the game of golf has ever seen, this man was held in the highest of regards by his contemporaries. He was a trailblazer in every way and became involved in golf broadcasting and media after his playing days were over. He’s perhaps best known for his gregarious personality and he serves as a reminder to always be yourself.

The sixth and final icon honors the man who won two majors in 1956. Prior to his esteemed career on the golf course, he worked for a brief time in Texas’ oil fields. Thankfully for the game of golf, that career was short-lived. He
represents confidence and comfort in your own skin.

The Putter

We wanted your eye to explore the entire shape with all its nuances and blends from address. You’ll quickly notice Texas is devoid of lines or dots. There is nothing there to pull your attention from its shape.

The face is milled with a super fine double fly cut pattern with our big tuna over mill. This helps us perfect the sound and create the soft yet crisp feel we sought.

Under the icons you’ll also be drawn to our slow milling technique that leads your eye to the simply white paint filled model designation of Texas.

The back cavity design includes 3 simple gold stars – a nod to the Toulon family’s three children.

Slow machined from our 904L stainless steel and finished in our Brilliant Black this putter is simply striking from every angle.

The Small Batch Texas – understated and reverential.


  • Material – 904L Stainless Steel
  • Face Mill – Super Fine Double Fly with Big Tuna Overmill
  • Finish – Midnight Brilliant Black PVD  
  • Grip – Toulon Special Black Deep Etched   
  • Shaft – Chrome Steel   
  • Headcover – Small Batch Leather   
  • Head Weight – 350g  
  • Toe Hang – 53°    
  • Loft – 3°    
  • Lie – 70°